Design + Technology

What I do.

Tech isn't everyone's friend, it's my thing and I do it to make your life easier.


Graphic Design

I started my career as a graphic designer and it's still something I'm passionate about. I design magazines from cover to cover, brochures, direct-mail pieces, logos, stationery, posters and banners. I have great connections with local San Diego printers and as well as trade printers for those on a tight budget.

A favorite part of my job is learning about new businesses or non-profits and the mission for each. Once I learn your story, then I get to put all of the pieces together to tell it in a compelling visual way.

Web Development

Web development is often about problem solving and learning new technologies. I excel at crafting websites because every project brings its own challenges and I enjoy figuring out how to put the pieces together. I specialize in sites that are grounded in solid design principals and communicate your service, product or non-profit in a way that makes sense to consumers.

I am well versed in best practices for SEO and user interface design and I can create/configure Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts for you so that you can track user behavior in your app or website to make it even more effective. I can build with WordPress or a site comprised of JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS.

Hosting & Maintenance

Our base plan is $25 per month and it includes: 20 GB Web Space • 100,000 Visits Monthly • Unmetered Traffic • Free SSL Cert •Daily Backup, • Free CDN by CloudFlare • Enhanced Security, • Ecommerce Enabled, • Managed WordPress, • Out-of-the-box Caching, • Unlimited Databases, *100% renewable energy match and on demand backups.

I purchase hosting in bulk from a top-tier provider, it's dependable and cost effective for small businesses. If you have a need for a more custom package, ask us for a recommendation about virtual private servers (VPS).

Maintenance packages start at $65 per month and includes one hour of site updates, for sites with lower content update needs.